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NO new signings for the time being.

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Current Deity Down Records bands:

Persistense (NL), Brutal, intense, yet groovy Metal

Vermin (NL), Brutal Technical Death

Former Deity Down Records bands:

Anmod (BR), Brutal Death / Grind

Brutus(NL), Sick Monotonous Death Metal

Dark Intentions (NL), Hardcore / Metalcore / Thrashcore

Debt Of Nature (DE), Male & Female Fronted Thrashing Death / Grind

Devious (NL), Death / Thrash

Disturbing Foresights (NL), 1990's Punk / Hardcore / Crossover

Escutcheon (NL), Melodic Goteborg Death, 1990's style

Hatred (NL), Old School Death

Murder Therapy (IT), Brutal Technical Death

Thanatos (NL), Cult Thrash / Death

Victimizer (NL), Death

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